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Listed below are 12 Songs You Didn’t Know Were About BDSM. We WANNA BE YOUR DOG

VELVET UNDERGROUND VENUS IN FURS.Nobody does kink that can compare with the Germans.

The oldest and possibly most influential track with this list arises from Lou Reed’s music changing team the Velvet Underground. As had been commonplace for Lou, the track had been in front of its time and delved into darker themes compared to the band’s many generic psychedelic contemporaries waxing philosophical on bullshit like free love, plants, and lysergic acid inspired epiphanies. Lou kept it genuine and dirty, using motivation through the 1870 erotic novella of the identical title by Austrian author Leopold von Sacher Masoch who had written the story loosely according to his or her own obsession with a cruel girl whom usually wore fur. Lou’s imaginative interpretation associated with story carries a nod towards the recovery power of real punishment for a few because of the poignant line, ‘Strike dear mistress, and cure their heart.’ Shiny leather boots, gear lashings, and tongued implements utilized to mark the submissive’s skin call up carnal pictures of pure indulgence, covered with swirling, opium laced soundscapes and tambourine fantasies. Continue reading