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Fishermen find a lot of action off Columbia River mouth’s south jetty

WARRENTON — it absolutely was the place that is last’d be prepared to find a shad

But there clearly was no mistaking the 7-inch, partially digested form belched through the gaping maw of a 30-inch seafood with such long, razor- razor- razor- sharp teeth we shouted a caution into the newcomer whom reached down seriously to choose it.

The deck that is slimy currently plagued by anchovies and less-identifiable breakfasts coughed up by

and sea bass that crossed the ship’s gunwales on the method to the seafood field.

Out at the end for the Columbia River’s

, it had been all area of the rhythm over the side of the entire world’s many treacherous club.

Guide Bob Rees piloted the ship intently, bow pointed into a soft swell that is 3-foot occasionally defied the security regarding the manmade reef with snarling white-capped waves that just lifted our bow, and nestled us carefully back in the swirling eddies. Continue reading