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Blue Chair, The by Verythick06 The wife and I also get some guy at a club for many hot enjoyable.

Blowjob tale by Laura Ann Davidson my human body tenses for the blow that doesn’t come. Is it over? Or did I pause a long time before begging You for the next blow, making myself another punishment? I hear. one thing, but i can not inform just exactly what might be making the noise. We dare not seek out look. (Mdom/F, d/s, love slave, bdsm)

Blue Chair, The by Verythick06 The spouse and I also grab a man at a club for a few hot fun. (M+/F, wife sharing, gb, cream pie, bd)

Blue Planet by Mararch Robert and Debbie, newly hitched innocents, get taken to the future that is far purchase to aid free mankind from the battle of Dominant females. Novel size. (MF, bi, nc, 1st, orgy, bd, mc, sci fi) component 2

Bondage Club, The by Shaved Jerry & Lyn Duke Jerry and Lyn head to a bondage club to experience the scene that is full to learn that things can very quickly get free from hand when you’ve got no choices kept but to lay there and go on it. (MF, unprotected sex, bd, ped)

Bondage In Public by Anonymous Author My gf constantly appeared to enjoy seeing the amount of she could getaway with doing a bit of as a type of our bondage in public areas. She performs this partly because she discovers it enjoyable, mostly because she understands it drives me personally away from my tree. Frequently, i am able to fast talk my way to avoid it of potentially embarrassing circumstances with Mundanes, but yesterday she almost got me fired. (MF, bd, S&M)

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